Laguna Veterans & SWNAVA featured in Cibola Beacon

The Southwest Native American Veterans Association’s conference was featured in the Grants Cibola Beacon, including a 96-year-old veteran who has obtained some service benefits.


Laguna Veterans Participate in Inaugural Benefits Conference


Tom Dailey, a six-time former governor at Laguna Pueblo, shows the stripes he earned in the U.S. Army while he served during World War II. Dailey uses his veteran’s benefits to obtain home healthcare.

CIBOLA COUNTY – It was the bombing of Pearl Harbor plastered on the local paper’s front-page and repeated blaring of the news on the radio that caused Tom Dailey to decide to enlist in the U.S. Army. He became a mechanic in the 407th Infantry Regiment and fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

“I was lucky I didn’t get hurt—just some minor stuff,” said Dailey, a retired business owner and six-time Laguna Pueblo governor, who still can hear explosions and the whistle of missiles going by.

Dailey celebrated his 96 birthday yesterday.

The World War II vet, one of five in the Pueblo, remains in good health by taking advantage of his benefits such as home modification and home healthcare services he obtained with the help of his son and daughter.

However, others aren’t so lucky and officials reported that there are 535 veterans who reside in the Pueblo.

Some veterans, especial rural vets, don’t have access to services or just don’t know what benefits they are entitled to. Or others, after starting the sometimes long, multi-step process of obtaining benefits, simply give up.

A new organization plans to familiarize veterans and their families with the government’s procedures with an inaugural conference …

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