SWNAVA Board Member Marvin Trujillo on Native America Calling

Board member and veteran, 1st Lt. USMC, Marvin Trujillo, Jr., (Laguna Pueblo) was an expert guest today on the nation’s only live Native American radio talk show, Native NACAmerica Calling. Trujillo spoke about the challenges of obtaining benefits and the VA’s benefit process.  Below is the program description and a link to download an MP3 of the show.

Thursday, August 21, 2014– Veterans Affairs (click here to listen)

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has seen a lot of change recently. Not only does the department have a new leader but more reforms are ahead at the national level. What do all of these changes mean for Native American and Alaska Native veterans and their famlies? Will you take advantage of the option to seek outside care if you’re far from a VA facility? Do you think VA reforms will be a good thing for you or a veteran in your life? If you have ideas for improving care for our Native veterans, we also want to hear from you during our conversation about changes in Veterans Affairs.