SWNAVA, Inc. educates and assists Native American Veterans without regard to branch of armed forces, or combat status with regards to Veterans Rights, Entitlements, and Benefits. We also assist the families of Native American Veterans in obtaining Veterans Rights, Entitlements and Benefits. SWNAVA aids Native American communities in maintaing a strong educational base by providing a resource for information on Native American Veterans, Veterans Issues, and Veterans Rights, which can be used to augment current tribal and state programs.

Goals of the conference:
  1. Increase and enhance access to VA benefits and services that include quality health care, housing, employment and education;
  2. Improve coordination and delivery of care through the development of health information systems and training's;
  3. Increase cultural awareness and culturally competent care for VA beneficiaries;
  4. Improve health promotion and disease prevention programs and services to American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiians;
  5. Review, comment and address VA policies not culturally appropriate to Native Americans, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians.